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Here are some things we were taught before we married that have 
helped us tremendously through the last 30-plus years of marriage. 
We believe that it will help you through those bumpy times that will
occur in everyone's marriage.
1. Admit when you are wrong.  When discussing an issue, do not be defensive or react negatively.

2.  Do not belittle or ridicule or make degrading remarks about each other.  Attack the problem, not your spouse.

3.  Never, ever, ever say negative or embarrassing things about your spouse in public.

4.  Do not "sling mud."  Once you have dealt with and resolved a problem, do not bring it up again.

5.  Never discuss person problems with others unless you are earnestly seeking wise counsel.  Especially family 

6.  Avoid arguments--agree to disagree without being disagreeable!

7.  Think before you speak.  What you say cannot be retracted.

8.  Avoid over commitment.  It is a big marriage killer.

9.  Do not compare your husband or wife to any other man or woman.  This is very hurtful.

10.   Say "I love you" often and tell your spouse the things you love about him/her and always pray for each other!